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The workers who perform the contracts are well-qualified and specialize in the following fields:

  • dismantling of industrial scaffolding systems and installation,
  • mechanical works and shipbuilding,
  • insulation works,
  • general construction

Our experience in the field of scaffolding installation has been gained in the course of many projects' operations for some the biggest refineries in Belgium and the Netherlands and is the guarantee of the highest quality services.

According to the individual client’s requirements we organize staff training and certification within our own training centers. This all in order to meet the client’s high expectations we offer well-qualified and highly experienced staff with all certificates required for the contract at constant disposal.


Depending on the client’s requirements we are able to guarantee effective service. Every customer is treated individually. We try to offer flexible conditions of cooperation so long-lasting relationships can be built with both the employer and employee.

Industrial scaffolders

We have successfully completed many projects in Europe in scaffolding. We have been working with the same group of people for many years, which results in a lot of experience. The experience is passed on to the next generation of scaffolders in our Training and Testing Centers, where employees can obtain VCA/SCC-certificates. Because of this we can handle all facets of scaffolding as a company. There’s no challenge that’s too big for us.


No space or application is unknown to our employees. We have specialists in different divisions of insulation: ship-building, buildings and industrial applications. Bailey Industries makes sure you are delivered the right people for the job who work according to the wishes and safety requirements of the client.


Due to our work in scaffolding we noticed requests for industrial painters. We from Bailey Industries deliver these services as well. Our well-trained painters are devoted to finding the best solutions, using the most effective methods and delivering the best quality. Naturally we work on our projects according to all safety requirements.


Bailey Industries aims to provide a full range of electrical services for industrial, shipbuilding and construction sectors. Main specialization is on Low and Mid- Voltage installation. Turnkey electrical installations are contracted by clients in different forms. Usually it means that the full design, engineering and installation works are given to the contractor who acts as an integrator. There are few players that can provide such a scope and be efficient at it. Usually only two of the three requirements are met: time, price or quality.

To be able to optimize costs and focus on the competitive advantage the use of subcontractors like Bailey Industries is key. With a reliable partner the installation works can be outsourced, and the integrator can focus on the main tasks. Bailey Industries provides experienced and certified staff to install, maintain or manage your low and mid voltage installations. electricians for the following work scopes:

  • Cable pulling works
  • Electronic equipment mounting and installation

Termination works Each industry has different norms and standards be it land based or offshore – while the core stays the same. Bailey Industries approaches each client with an individual approach by making sure we can match expectations. Technical documentation, cable list, planning and HSE are the basis for a match between both parties and helps set the foundation for a successful project implementation.


We have many ironworkers at our disposal. They are all VCA-certified and multiple ironworkers are skilled to read technical blueprints. Our group of ironworkers consists of welders, sheet metal workers and pipefitters. Our new employees go through training in our Training and Testing Centers in Lithuania and Poland so they are broadly educated and deployable.

Payroll outsourcing

We also offer payroll outsourcing individually adjusted to particular client's requirements. Our professional and highly experienced staff is a guarantee of fulfilling all of the formal and legal conditions in the field of wages and employment in every country represented by the client's operation.

Moreover, we provide a wide range of audit compliance services in terms of local payment and employment conditions as well as professional advice.

Payroll outsourcing

Our comprehensive services include (monthly):

salaries charging
calculation of salary deductions and net income
operating paychecks transfers on workers' bank accounts
charging and payment of taxes, social insurance, health insurance and other locally required
staff accommodation
Services included
generating comprehensive reports for institutions
completing employee documentation
individual project's cooperator assistance
operating recruitment process
staff training